August 14, 2015

Colors of my work

This blog has just turned one. I have a hard time believing it! I guess time flies when you are doing something you enjoy.

Although I have not been posting as often as I would like here in the blog. I have been sharing my work on Instagram and I am so happy and grateful to have a great group of followers who like my work and encourage me to continue painting.

When I started sharing my work a year ago I asked myself why I wanted to blog, I didn't have a clear answer. Today, I think these are the main reasons:

I blog to share
I blog to learn
I blog to create
I blog to connect
I am blogging for me.. I blog to find myself.

I don't know where will this take me, but for now, I can tell that I am really happy when I work with my hands.

Have a colorful weekend!

Este blog acaba de cumplir un año. Me cuesta trabajo creerlo! El tiempo vuela cuando uno disfruta lo que hace.

Aunque no he publicado muy seguido aquí en el blog, he estado compartiendo my trabajo en Instagram y estoy feliz y agradecida de tener un grupo de seguidores a los cuales les gusta mi trabajo y me motivan a seguir pintando.

Cuando empecé este blog hace un año me preguntaba porque lo quería hacer. No tenía una respuesta clara. Hoy pienso que estas son las principales razones:

Para compartir
Para aprender
Para crear
Para relacionarme
Para encontrarme a mi misma.

No se a donde me llevará esto, pero por ahora puedo decir que me hace muy feliz trabajar con mis manos.

Que tengas un colorido fin de semana!


  1. Hi Claudia,
    I have started following you on Instagram and absolutely love the work you do. I hope to be inspired by your work as I fumble my way through my self learning in art. So far it is mostly Islamic Art that I got an opportunity to learn while I lived in Doha. I am back in India and trying to revive the memories of what I had learnt and to widen my perspectives.

    1. Hi! So sorry for not replying before.

      Thank you so much for your comment, I am so glad to hear that you like my work. I am still learning too.

      How wonderful that you have had the opportunity to live in such inspiring countries! I am admirer of Islamic Art and I also find Indian motifs and traditional designs incredible beautiful.

      I would love to see your work, I will look for you on Instagram.

  2. This is my favorite post so far.