January 30, 2015

Inspired by Mexico: Otomi

Otomi inspired mandala. Watercolor on paper

The inspiration for this painting came from the Otomi textiles. 

The Otomi are an indigenous group that inhabits the central part of Mexico, mainly the states of Hidalgo, Puebla and Queretaro. 

The Otomi women make this distinctive textile called Tenangos. Birds, fish, flowers, armadillos and butterflies are common motives that are often used in their designs. They are hand embroidered using a single color thread or a combination of bright colors.

The last photo is one that I took of a traditional "puesto" at the San Jacinto Saturday bazaar in San Angel, Mexico City.. a favorite place of mine!

The "Inspired by Mexico" series

Although maybe you have noticed that a lot of my inspiration comes from my Mexican heritage, I thought of starting an “Inspired by Mexico” series of paintings.

This is the first one, or should I say, the first one that has formally been part of the “Inspired by Mexico” series. I think these others belong there too..

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