October 31, 2014

Nuestra ofrenda

Although we celebrated Halloween at school, at home it was more about the Day of the Dead. I have great memories of visiting the "ofrendas" at La Casa Azul (Frida Kahlo's home) and the Anahuacalli (Diego Rivera's studio) with my sister, both of us dressed as witches carrying a lantern made of a "chilacayote" (a large squash) fearing it could catch fire :)

My family used to participate in Day of the Dead altar contests and it was a tradition to go to Tio Hector's house and look at his gorgeous altar every year. 

I think the tradition of setting altars up at home and at cemeteries is not going away, on the contrary, I see it getting stronger, which I love. 

I have been setting up an "ofrenda" every year with few items that I have collected over the years. Maybe one day my kids will have good memories about it too.

Have a great Halloween and Day of the Dead!

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